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Show Times and Venues

The We Are One movie and Series along with other shows are available in various venues, platforms and modalities, dynamic listings are coming soon!

Characters are used throughout various shows to explain various concepts


Traydona Zuricha, who plays the science officer in the We Are One Movie on the spaceship, Pegasus, presents an overview of the BlueBook Series. She holds degrees in genomics, epi-genetics, planetary systems science and more. And lectures at the Institute for Planetary Studies.

A Dynamic Teacher, Traydona brings it home to those taking the class in person or online, powerful, insigntful relevancies are set forth for those wanting to understand the current localized planetary situation from a universal perspective.

Movie, Series and Video Tutorials

The WE ARE ONE Movie and Genre Specific Series  provide a foundation for a new Earth.  RDIT offers a full comprehensive database of tutorials as well as the tutorials themselves. In most instances tutorials can be found on most sites, in all the platforms and embedded in dynamic ePublications, eBooks, and eMagazines. Many of the tutorials are offered for free.

How do we achieve planetary management?

One of the points the Alturians made at the inter-planetary conference on Eturia was that a planet must achieve consent from the majority of parties on a planet to implement an effective planetary management system. (C.F., the Sci-fi genre, We Are One movie and series)

Planetary Management Systems, Inc. in conjunction with RDI's new framework provides the foundation for a planetary management system to exist. Underneath this is the Virtual Global Nation, which is a government of the people, by the people, for all the people on planet Earth This system provides the planetary citizen with standing on a planetary level.

As if visiting from another world, hmmm, I don't know ...

To provide context for the Planetary Management Systems, Inc. product and service offerings the PMS fits within a larger picture of solution models that look at planet Earth from a universal perspective almost as if we were visitors from another species far across the galaxy.

On our first visit here we ask a number of questions like: How does this species manage their planetary resources? Have they optimized planetary resources at the cost of other species? Or, have they maintained a balance in life systems and physical systems?

The answers to these questions and others would tell us much about the Human Species prudence in managing their own planet as well as making a statement about the species itself.

The Virtual Global Nation

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