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About Quawn Studios

Quawn Studios. (QS) provides production services for the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM) and partnering organizations and authors that have an interest in the overall mission of set forth in the Universal Solution Model (USM) developed by Rational Data International, Inc.

One example of a Quawn Studios production are textbooks and videos on planetary management. It is a broad topic that covers a large number of subjects.

• Macrosystems and Microsystems in Planetary Management

• Introduction to Quantitative Analysis in Planetary Systems

• Introduction to Self-Organizing Systems

• Introduction to Planetary Operations and Event Management

• Introduction to Planetary Operations and Disaster preparedness

• Introduction to Principles of Planetary Operations (short book on this)

• Classifications of Systemic Causes and in Exacerbated and Stable Systems

Solution Models, Management Systems, Organizations, Eco-systems, Products and and Services Taking us to a New Golden Age

The Universal Solution Model (USM) and the Planetary Solution Model (PSM) deal with a large array of systemic or "root cause" issues that have to do with infrastructure, definition of existential rights (rights of existence), governance models, institutional models, and check and balance systems.

The USM sets an overall framework for interplanetary and planetary solutions from a universal perspective, for current times and into the foreseeable future. It delineates rights classes, land classes, solution model classes, currency classes, citizenship classes and more. Taken as a whole, it provides social impact in standards of living, means of production, sustainability, economic growth, economic opportunity, and more.

The PSM consists of new kind of governance, a new way to manage the planet, and a new technology called the third generation web, which consists of a full-motion, drive-through internet, a semantic layer and a data grid layer which open up a whole new information universe, and a new digital economy. The PSM provides social impact in standards of living, means of production, sustainability, economic growth, economic opportunity, economic possibility, and more.

Segment Specific Solution Models (SSSM) are designed to solve specific issues in medicine, energy, the environment and more, leveraging third generation web technology. These stand-alone solution models carry their own definable social impact for enhancing and increasing standards of living for people around the world. They are designed to leverage the collective knowledge, wisdom, experience and understanding (CKWEU) of a global population to solve problems in areas of food security, access to clean water, clean energy, medical care, and more.

Management Systems provide a way to deal with exacerbatory issues within the macrostructural environment once the new infrastructure is put in place.. They provide ongoing safety, security, stability and sustainability for their respective application areas, whether they are at the local or planetary scale.

In general, management systems are designed to regulate systems that work within infrastructure models. They are designed to minimize exacerbatory issues in multi-dimensional systems. They leverage the n-dimensional technology found in the third generation web.

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