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Quawn Studios

Quawn Studios provides production resources for movie, series, video, game, and living document productions. In addition to this it provides resources for porting these out to multiple platforms and modalities.

Introduction to Quawn Studios

Quawn Studios provides production services for the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM) and partnering organizations that have an interest in the overall mission of set forth in the Universal Solution Model (USM) developed by Rational Data International, Inc.

What We Produce

There are several categories that we produce in. These are: 3rd generation web technology, planetary governance, planetary management systems, the emerging digital economy, existential rights, neoscience, spiritual writings  and more. BLP also publishes printed, eBook and interactive eBook components as well as databases. These publications include workbooks, textbooks and other kinds of publications

Quawn is one of several organizations charged with the mission of communicating this type of information within the RDIM, others are Branching Leaf Publications, the We Are One Network, and others.

The Quawn Studios Introduction

This is the official Quawn Studios Introduction screen complete with copyright protection warnings and ratings splash screen.

The RDIM mission

Our mission has been to resolve the current systemic and exacerbatory issues by setting in place a new set of systems that accomplish this and will also work into the foreseeable future in terms of their scope. We accomplish this by creating a new set of infrastructures, a new level playing field and along with this provide tools and instruments that empower people to realize higher states of being like: peace, plenitude, unity, happiness and love for all the people of planet Earth and beyond.

The We Are One Productions

The We Are One productions cover the We Are One movie, and a set of planned genre specific series that model different spiritual and neoscientific principles in genres as wide ranging as sci-fi, comedy, reality tv and more.

The We Are One Productions

Quawn Studios is a relatively young production company, it was started in 2012, and one of our first projects has been the production of the We Are One movie and on top of that the We Are One Series of shows. The We Are One Network is charged with marketing and distribution of the content which can be found in various media formats from on=demand TV, DVD packaging, and other video on demand platforms like Amazon Prime, which in itself serves approximately 60 million members.

Coming Soon To Amazon Prime

Coming Soon to the 63 Million Amazon Prime Custormers and Other Venues

The We Are One Series

Learn more about the We Are One Series and the multiple genres they cover.

The Living Document Format (LDF) what is it?

The Living Document Format is a publishing format for dynamic eBook publications, while the eBook is available on multi-form factor devices, like phones, tablets, laptops and desktops at each page turn, or scroll an update event occurs. This allows real-time or near real-time information to be loaded as well as dynamic real-time player interaction. Imagine turning a page and seeing your friend on the same page commenting on something you are reading or watching.

Or, imagine a chapter rewriting itself in front of your very eyes, where you are part of the story, and others are as well. This type of writing allows a writer to build a story framework, but within this real-time participants play are part on a shared stage. This is a bit like playing an online role-playing game but in a book format. We call this the Living Document Format (LDF). Quawn Studios in conjuction with Branching Leaf Publications uses this format for real time news updating in a news magazine and in dynamic eBook formats.

The Book of Quawn

The Book of Quawn is one of the 76 books in the BlueBook Series and it tells a story of an island city on a distant world, where Master Quawn developed an inter-dimensional portal for exploring other states of existence and realize other states of being. Filled with depth, design and detail the city is represented in a 3D interactive Multi-player game like environment that has planned availability online in VR, AR and MR formats.

The book mirrors the game environments. While the eBook version is a true companion to the game environment. It contains a dynamic set of maps with real-time updated location information as well as real-time updated chapter sections. The eBook is in a Living Document Format (LDF) and is a joint venture between Branching Leaf Publications and Quawn Studios.


A 76 volume set describing the Universal Solution Model (USM)



Providing light for a New World.